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Meet The Team

The team that puts it all together. The designing, stencil making, woodwork, painting (stencilers), sanding, website, etc. 

Lisa - Owner, creative director, quality control, customer care, social media. She's our leader and the person that inspires us every day to create signs with heart. Lisa is the reason we all love to come to work. Yes.....we love to come to work.  


Mike - Co-owner (Lisa's hubby of 40 years!), router, saw, laser engraver guy. He's really good at fixing the mechanical part of the machines too; it's the farmer in him (once upon a time). He's Lisa's biggest supporter and helps keep the shop side of the business running like a well oiled machine.

The dynamic duo, our fearless leaders: We work hard but have fun too.


Amy - Designer, laser engraver pro, stenciler. She runs all the stencils for the signs. She's a cowgirl at heart and soon to be married to her cute cowboy.


Christine - Stenciler and shipping. She's the fastest stenciler in the west. And she talks just as fast too. We think she missed her calling and should have been a trial lawyer. However, she loves, loves, loves her job so she'll stay right here with us.



Laurie - Lisa's sister (they were partners in crime growing up). She took a leap of faith and escaped Corporate America. She has the best time working with the website, analytics, and does some digital marketing. 






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